Szwajcaria Kaszubska

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Kashubian Switzerland

Kashubian Switzerland – perfect place to fulfil dreams!
Poland abounds in beautiful, important and extraordinary places. They constitute a magnet for tourists, become a literary character as well as an inspiration for painters. Yet only a few deserve to be called magical as much as the Kashubian Switzerland located nearby Gdańsk. The magic of this region lies in the beauty of exceptional landscapes, the secrets of the land and its peculiarities. Culture, own language, rich tradition and passionate love of nature have allowed to preserve values ​​which in combination with the contemporary world create the specificity of this region.
Kashubians as open and hospitable as they are, invite you to the land that surprises with the unlimited options of relaxation.
Feel invited!


Along the Metallurgical Trail

Castle Cycle Trail

Characteristics of the trailThe trail is a short, 5.2-kilometer section running from Łapalice to the border of the Kartuzy and Chmielno Commune, nearby Rekowo. It runs in a picturesque area on a highly varied terrain, partly among fields and partly within forests, west of Kartuzy. The major trail&rs...

Chmieleńska Cycle Trail

Characteristics of the trail The trail is a short, 7-kilometer section leading from the border of the Kartuzy Commune with the Chmielno Commune, nearby Rekowo to the center of Kartuzy. The trail runs mainly through forest areas located to the west of Kartuzy passing the picturesque village Kosy. It...

Kartuski Nature Cycle Trail

Characteristics of the trail The trail runs through the most picturesque and rarely visited areas of the Kartuzy Commune from Kartuzy to Sianowo. The trail is highly picturesque - it runs mainly through forests and fields and that is why is a perfect suggestion for a day trip for the whole family t...

Pomieczyńska Blue Trail

Characteristics of the trail The cycling trial is one of three suggestions with the starting point in Pomieczyńska Huta. The trail runs around one of the cleanest lakes in ​​Kashubian Switzerland – Białe Lake. General course of the trail (distance in km increasing from the starting point) P...

Manor of the Sikorski and Wybicki Family in Sikorzyno

A historic manor house associated with the family of Józef Wybicki, the author of the words of the Polish national anthem. At present, after careful reconstruction, the manor accommodates a museum: there are original tile stoves, furniture and equipment from the late 19th and early 20th centu...

Cruise on Ostrzyckie Lake

The ship ‘Stolëm’ made its first cruise in July 2001. It was built on the hull of a seagoing lifeboat (a lifeboat launch for 60 people), meeting maritime safety standards. Another distinctive feature of ‘Stolëm’ is its drive. The 7.5 kW electric motor is characteris...

Park of Miniatures and Giants in Strysza Buda

Miniature Park is a place where 70 mock-ups in a scale of 1:25 were collected. It  presents copies of the most characteristic objects of Kashubia, Poland and the world. In addition to aesthetic values, the park also plays an educational role. Visitors can find there, among others such global o...

Educational Park Exotic Zoo Kaszuby in Tuchlino

The park is a place full of surprising attractions. During the visit in the park there is a possibility of hiring a guide, so that guests can not only watch the animals, but also get to know numerous curiosities about them and even touch and take a picture of selected specimens. Some attractions of ...

Manor Complex of the Hoene Family in w Borcz (Hotel Spichrz)

The building from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The manor was erected in 1911 on the place of an older, burnt facility. Extensive farm buildings are built of local stone and brick. Attention is drawn by a three-floor granary where a stylish restaurant famous for Kashubian dishes is arrang...



Map of the region