Szwajcaria Kaszubska

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Kashubian Switzerland

Kashubian Switzerland – perfect place to fulfil dreams!
Poland abounds in beautiful, important and extraordinary places. They constitute a magnet for tourists, become a literary character as well as an inspiration for painters. Yet only a few deserve to be called magical as much as the Kashubian Switzerland located nearby Gdańsk. The magic of this region lies in the beauty of exceptional landscapes, the secrets of the land and its peculiarities. Culture, own language, rich tradition and passionate love of nature have allowed to preserve values ​​which in combination with the contemporary world create the specificity of this region.
Kashubians as open and hospitable as they are, invite you to the land that surprises with the unlimited options of relaxation.
Feel invited!


"Kaszebsko Stegna" cycling route

Along the Metallurgical Trail

Castle Cycle Trail

Characteristics of the trailThe trail is a short, 5.2-kilometer section running from Łapalice to the border of the Kartuzy and Chmielno Commune, nearby Rekowo. It runs in a picturesque area on a highly varied terrain, partly among fields and partly within forests, west of Kartuzy. The major trail&rs...

Chmieleńska Cycle Trail

Characteristics of the trail The trail is a short, 7-kilometer section leading from the border of the Kartuzy Commune with the Chmielno Commune, nearby Rekowo to the center of Kartuzy. The trail runs mainly through forest areas located to the west of Kartuzy passing the picturesque village Kosy. It...

Dookoła Jeziora Przywidzkiego

Mill on the Radunia River in Chmielonko

The mill was built in 1738 and later rebuilt multiple times. It stands on the road leading to the village Zawory, over the Radunia river, on the site of a previous mill erected by the Cistercians from Oliwa in the 13th century. The monument is unavailable to visitors, however, you might observe a de...

Stone Circles in Węsiory

Burial ground of the Wielbark culture in Węsiory is connected with the arrival of the Goths – a Germanic tribe in the second half of the I century. The dead were buried here from approx. 70 -80 A.D. to the turn of 2 and 3th century. Dozens of mounds, stone circles and flat graves hav...

Kamienne Wesele in Trątkownica

The prehistoric Goths graveyard called ‘The Stone Wedding’ consists of 5 large barrows covered with a stone mantle surrounded by a wreath of boulders and over 60 graves. Skeletal graves are the most numerous while cremation burials are in minority. The necropolis was used between the las...

The Regional Centre of Education and Promotion in Szymbark

CEPR is a combination of a museum, open-air museum and amusement park. This unique place is located at the foot of the largest hill in Pomerania - Wieżyca. The offer of the object is addressed in particular to families with children as well as school trips. Visiting this place can be an interesting ...

Cruise on Ostrzyckie Lake

The ship ‘Stolëm’ made its first cruise in July 2001. It was built on the hull of a seagoing lifeboat (a lifeboat launch for 60 people), meeting maritime safety standards. Another distinctive feature of ‘Stolëm’ is its drive. The 7.5 kW electric motor is characteris...



Map of the region