Sulęczyno - Rote Route (durch Ostrowite)

distanz (km) höhe ü. d. m.
  • 11.4 km
  • 2h 30min
  • Czerwony
  • schwer
  • 162 m
  • 212 m

The trail starts and finishes at the Leśny Dwór Resort in Sulęczyno. Its beginning runs along the Nature Trail ‘Around Węgorzyno Lake’. The initial part runs via picturesque terrain along the shore of three lakes: Węgorzyno, Guścierz Mały and Guścierz Duży. Next the trail turns south-east towards Ostrowite where it turns again and returns along forest roads to the starting point.

The trail is fully located within the Gowidliński Protected Landscape Area and at the same time in the immediate vicinity of the nature reserve Natura 2000 called "Mechowiska Sulęczyńskie" covering well-preserved peat bogs.

The trail is not easy and requires good physical condition. Its majority runs through forest areas. The trail is entirely marked in the terrain.

Level of difficulty: difficult

Trail length: 11,4 km

Types of roads:  

  • 10 % asphalt roads,
  • 90 % dirt roads.

Time: 2,5 hours

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