Educational and Recreational Park in Żukowo "Nad Jeziorkiem"

  • ul. Książąt Pomorskich , Żukowo

The park is located in the immediate vicinity of the Jeziorko Park in Żukowo. It combines a recreational (skatepark) and educational function, related to various domains of science. The educational part has been divided into three zones devoted to the laws of dynamics, acoustics and optics. In addition, there is a historical didactic path with 8 boards describing the most important events in the history of the region and Żukowo.

Educational devices in the park:

  • Balance beams: spherical and cylindrical - demonstrating the body's properties in terms of maintaining balance
  • Newton's cradle - illustrating the transfer of energy
  • Pulley - type of lever, allowing easier lifting of weights
  • Rotating platform - demonstrating forces acting on the body in rotational motion
  • Cylindrical mirrors (distorting mirrors) - used for reducing and enlarging images
  • Parallel mirrors - demonstrating the phenomenon of multiple reflection of light
  • The periscope – enabling observation of objects that are outside the field of view
  • The diffraction grating – applied to bend the light waves
  • Newton disc - demonstrate that white light is actually the compound of the primary colours.
  • The spiral - demonstrating the optical illusion
  • The wandering wheel – demonstrating the optical illusion
  • ‘Colour crater’ disc - allows three-dimensional spatial vision
  • Xylophone - device presenting the formation of sounds
  • Tubular bells - devices presenting the production of sound waves of different lengths and frequencies
  • Humming pipes - demonstrating the production of sound waves of different lengths and frequencies
  • Wind gongs - device showing the propagation of sound waves in the air
  • Triangles – demonstrating the dependence of an acoustic wave on its source
  • A voice pipe (acoustic telegraph) - device for transmitting sounds