Educational Park Exotic Zoo Kaszuby in Tuchlino

The park is a place full of surprising attractions. During the visit in the park there is a possibility of hiring a guide, so that guests can not only watch the animals, but also get to know numerous curiosities about them and even touch and take a picture of selected specimens. Some attractions of the Park include exotic parrots - blue-and-gold macaw or cockatoo – called Didżej, amazing reptiles, among them the largest snakes in the world - Reticulated Pythons as well as numerous species of scorpions and spiders which might give you the shivers. A big attraction for the youngest is a farm with rabbits and guinea pigs that can be touched and fed. Worth mentioning attraction is also an aquarium exhibition presenting the richness of flora and fauna of the Kashubian Switzerland lakes. Aquarium’s capacity is 20 thousand litres.

The facility offer includes also:

  • exhibition of exotic animals
  • 2D/3D cinema
  • ‘jungle gym’
  • playground for kids up to 5 years
  • big outdoor playground
  • ‘Ara’ restaurant
  • shop with souvenirs and pets

There is also a didactic room and a campfire place for organised groups. The offer of the object is addressed both to individual guests and organised groups.