Educational and recreational park PRIVISA PARK in Przywidz

  • Przywidz, Przywidz

Privisa Park is a space which combines recreational (skatepark) and scientific-educational functions. The scientific space possesses positions presenting seven great explorers and scholars: Isaac Newton, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, Thomas Edison, Archimedes, Christopher Columbus, Jan Gutenberg and Jan Heweliusz as well as educational devices for carrying out experiments.

Experience which can be carried out in the park

  • Newton's cradle - illustrating the transfer of energy
  • Map of expeditions - the board demonstrates marked routes of expeditions which led to great geographical discoveries. The mock-up allows following the explorers footsteps to the previously unknown lands
  • Dynamo bike - the bike wheel possesses is a dynamo (generator) which, by means of a magnetic field, induces an electromotive force that causes the flow of electric current and a light bulb
  • Laying the print - the board consists of letters placed on moveable squares. Individual words can be used to put together fancy words
  • The periscope – enabling observation of objects that are outside the field of view
  • Pulley - type of lever, allowing easier lifting of weights
  • Thermometers - used to measure the air temperature in two scales: Fahrenheit and Celsius