The Kotlinka Ski Resort is located in Szymbark nearby the peak of Wieżyca. The resort consists of two T-bar lifts, the main slope which is 320 meters long and a small training slope. Especially for the youngest has been prepared snowtubing (downhill on snow tubes). The trails are artificially snowed and well-lit until late evening hours. In the winter season, a professional snow grooming equipment prepares the snow surface every day. The facility possesses an atmospheric gastronomic base “Bar Stare Sanki". Moreover, there is a Snowboarding School Skitersi.

Additional information:        

  • Large T-lift | 320 m | flow rate 900 people/h | height difference 40 m,
  • Small T-lift | 100 m | flow rate 400 people/h,
  • Snowpark | boxes, handrails, hops,
  • Snowtubing