Marina and a camping site in Rutki

  • Rutki

The facility is located in the town of Rutki on the left bank of the Radunia, opposite the Fish Farm, below the hydroelectric power plant. From the land side is adjacent to the recreation area. The marina’s infrastructure includes the following elements:

  • marina - jetty for canoeists,
  • slipway adapted to haul and launch kayaks manually (its drop equals 8%),
  • open-air tourist shelters with bench-tables,
  • bonfire site with benches,
  • benches, bins,
  • lighting,
  • hot-spot installations,
  • bike stands,
  • lavatories,
  • camping site,
  • parking for passenger cars.

The infrastructure enables launching and mooring kayaks as well as rest during the rafting, including access to water and a toilet.