Recreational Park Scientific Land in Kaliska nearby Kartuzy

  • Kaliska 29a , Kaliska

The recreation and science park is located in the village of Kaliska, about 2 km from Kartuzy. In the open space, in the immediate vicinity of the forest and playground for children, there is a recreation complex combining elements of learning through play. The complex is equipped with interactive devices presenting the laws of physics in the domain of gravity, acoustics and mechanics.

Educational devices in the park:

  • Acoustic telegraph - used to receive and transmit sound waves in a specific direction
  • Newton's cradle - illustrating the transfer of energy
  • A Cartesian diver - demonstrating the principles of swimming and drowning
  • Water prism - demonstrating the phenomenon of white light fission in different colours
  • Two mirrors - demonstrating the phenomenon of multiple reflection of light from two flat mirrors
  • Large balance platform - demonstrating the principles of maintaining balance
  • Newton disc - demonstrate that white light is actually the compound of the primary colours.
  • A hydraulic weighing scale - device demonstrating how the increasing pressure corresponds to hydrostatic force
  • The whirlpool - presenting how the water vortex is formed
  • Lissajous Figures - illustrating another position of the body in a vibrating motion resulting in a wave
  • Linear balancing - showing the principles of balance