Educational and recreational park in Goręczyno

  • os. Słoneczne, Goręczyno

Park in Goręczyno is located next to the sports stadium. It combines recreational, scientific and educational elements addressed to the whole families. A health path imitating tectonic plates movements has been prepared and the terrain reminds the post-glacial landscape of the Kashubian Switzerland. There are devices that allow to get acquainted with the laws of physics. Moreover, the youngest are offered elements combining education and fun.

Educational devices in the park:

  • Tic tac toe
  • Chalkboard for youngsters
  • Abacus with tables
  • Newton disc - demonstrate that white light is actually the compound of the primary colours.
  • Cylindrical mirrors - used for reducing and enlarging images
  • The sundial - the oldest time measurement device
  • Viewpoint with an observation telescope