‘Kozi Gród’ extreme Park in Pomlewo

Quad bikes

Within the terrain of the park there is a quad bike track of the length of over one kilometre. It goes across deeply configured terrain full of steep downhill and uphill rides, adequately shaped turnings, and bog spots. The park has at its disposal YAMAHA Grizzly quads of the engine capacity of 350 cm³. Next to that there is a special track for children, who can use small quads of the engine capacity of 50 cm³. Before each ride there is an informative training.


Within the terrain of the Extreme Park there is a special field of the area of 1 ha adapted for playing paintball. It is arranged in a forested terrain, and the game is diversified with numerous obstacles, buildings, ditches, or trenches. The scenario of the game is designed for individual groups, depending on the number of participants and the period of time for the game. Games are always organized by the instructor, who explains the rules concerning safe handling of the weapon.