‘Tryton’ Diving Centre in Chmielno

Clear and transparent waters of Kashubian lakes, which in majority possess the second, and some of them even the first class of cleanliness, attract fans of diving. Among the especially clear reservoirs there are the lobelia lakes, which are also to be found in the area of Szwajcaria Kaszubska. Those who are interested will find in Szwajcaria Kaszubska two diving centres where they can take part in training, rent equipment, and start their diving adventure.

The diving centre at the ‘KREFTA’ Holiday Resort Facility on the Kłodno lake in Chmielno is equipped with all the appliances necessary for diving. On the spot there is also a possibility to fill diving cylinders. The diving centre offers full year’s training courses, from elementary to advanced levels, and in winter there are courses of under-ice diving. Due to the location at the ‘KREFTA’ Holiday Resort, there is the possibility for finding accommodation at the spot.