Educational and recreational park in Mściszewice

  • ul. Szkolna 5, Mściszewice

An education and recreation park is located in the immediate vicinity of the School Complex in Mściszewice. A large recreational area next to a multi-functional playground and a large playground has 7 information boards, thanks to which you can learn about the natural and historical values ​​of the Sulęczyno Commune.

Information boards:

  • Barrows in Mściszewice dating to IX - VII B.C. with a mound of the Lusatian culture
  • Geological reserve Mściszewice
  • Goths settlement in Węsiory
  • Barrows and Stone Circles of Goths dating to I-III century A.D.
  • Nature and Educational Path ‘Over the shore of Węgorzyno Lake’ in Sulęczyno
  • Reserve Natura 2000 Mechowiska Sulęczyńskie
  • Nature and Educational Path "Rynna Sulęczyńska"