Nature Laws Park in Puzdrowo

  • Puzdrowo 32, Puzdrowo

The Nature Laws Park is a place of scientific experiments, observation of natural and physical phenomena conducted in an open green area, adjacent to the Primary School in Puzdrowo. The park is dedicated to children and pupils who have the opportunity to get acquainted with the basic laws of physics in a playful and fun way.

Educational devices in the park:

  • Water system - demonstrating the functioning principle of a hydropower plant in which the energy of falling water is converted into electricity
  • A solar system model
  • The sundial - the oldest time measurement device
  • Xylophone - device presenting the functioning of aerophones, where in each tube you can hear the sound of a different timbre and intensity
  • Whispering cones - used to transmit sounds
  • Newton disc - demonstrate that white light is actually the compound of the primary colours.
  • The spiral - demonstrating the phenomenon of optical illusion
  • Crater - allows three-dimensional spatial vision
  • Centrifugal force - illustrating forces operating on an object in rotational motion
  • Balance - showing the body's properties in terms of maintaining balance
  • A hydraulic weighing scale - device demonstrating how the increasing pressure corresponds to hydrostatic force
  • Valve with measurement - device for reading the water level
  • Solar lamp - using light energy to generate electricity
  • Windmill with lamps - demonstrating the usage of wind power to generate electricity