Church of Saints Simon and Judah Tadeusz in Chwaszczyno

The church dedicated to Saints Simon and Judah Tadeusz in Chwaszczyno before acquiring its contemporary shape underwent numerous transformations. Currently, this church is small, single-nave, plastered from the outside, except for the western part added in 1875. The roof is gabled, covered with a red plain tile with lace. The chancel is lower, narrower than the nave and closed on three sides. Its only external ornament is the cornice, surrounding the roofs and windows with flattened arches and prominent pediments.

The central place of presbytery is occupied by the main Baroque altar from the beginning of the 18th century. The altar is wooden, carved, polychromed and has two floors. In the first one there is a painting depicting the Mother of God with the Child on his left hand and standing next to the little John the Baptist. In the second floor - the image of St. Mary Magdalene, presented as a penitent in a cave accompanied by a book and a skull.