Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Stężyca

The current church is the fifth in turn. The previous ones were in the place of the present temple and were wooden. The first three burned down and the fourth was pulled down and in its place the current brick church was built. The construction of the church under the leadership of the parish priest Jakub Franciszek Alshut lasted from 1701 to 1706. The church was built in the Baroque style. In 1742, the church and the main altar were consecrated, where a reliquary in the shape of a sarcophagus was donated by Maria Kazimiera, the wife of King Jan III Sobieski. The reliquary was brought by the Warmian suffragan, Bishop Michał Remigiusz Łaszewski, who came from Stężyca and presided over the consecratory celebrations.

The church is single-nave, aisleless without a separate chancel. The interior is characterised by the simplicity of form. The church's furnishings include wooden Gothic reliefs placed on the slab above the entrance to the sacristy, probably dating to about 1450 from one of the previous wooden churches.