Church of Holy Trinity and All Saints in Goręczyno

Former guardians of the parish – Carthusians in 1639 built a brick temple in the Baroque style. This building, in a modified form, has survived up to now. On the outer eastern wall of the church there is an erection board from the 17th century with a Latin inscription: This church was built for the glory of the Holy Trinity, All Saints for brother Kasper Kochelius. In 1905, the church was enlarged by building the transept on sides, thanks to which it has obtained the shape of a cross. The contemporary architectural shape of the temple is the result of renovation carried in 1912-1914 by parish priest Anastazy Kopaczewski, under the guidance of the West Prussian Province conservator, Bernhard Schmid. At that time the conservation work were carried out by a painter Arthur Fahlberg from Friedrichshagen nearby Berlin. The oldest Gothic monuments include a statue of Our Lady of Mercy in the main altar and a sculpture of St. Barbara. The tower houses 717 kg bell dating to 1400. A valuable monument is also the sculpture of St. Bruno of Cologne (XVII century), the patron of the Carthusians, which stands in the garden of the presbytery. The church's furnishings come mainly from the 17th and 18th centuries. The altars represent Baroque art. The main altar is dedicated to All Saints, left side to Holy Trinity while right to the Mother of God. The main altar possesses a moveable painting together with the figure of Our Lady of Mercy mentioned above. Moreover, furnishings include stained-glass windows, a renovated baptismal bowl, a historic pulpit, restored organs, paintings and banners as well as Kashubian candlesticks and altar covers.