Ceramics workshop of Tadeusz Zaborowski in Kamienica Królewska

Tadeusz Zaborowski has been dealing with pottery since 1980, working successively in various pottery workshops. He obtained the diploma of the pottery master in 1989. Since 2009, he has been running his own business and mainly deals in the production of Kashubian ceramics. The products are made by rolling on a potter's wheel. High-quality stoneware clay and safe enamel in contact with food imported from Germany are used in the production process. The manufactured products are typically usable, used in households, agritourist farms, restaurants, as well as decorative and advertising products, e.g.: (mugs, bells, snuffboxes). Utensils can be used for heating in the oven and microwave ovens and washed in a dishwasher.

Nearby the workshop is a wooden house where ready-made products are displayed, can be admired and purchased. Moreover, Mr. Zaborowski conducts pottery workshops for children and adults.

From the beginning of the business activity, he cooperates with the Swedish company PARADISVERKSTADEN which produces ceramics. While going to Sweden, he makes models designed by the company as well as prototypes of the new collections.