• ul. Zamkowa 132 , 83-300 Łapalice

It is a contemporary, unfinished castle, which since 1979 was being built by a renowned Gdańsk sculptor and furniture manufacturer. The initial design of the summer villa has been considerably transformed expanding to a multi-floors facility measuring ​​5,000 m2. There are 52 rooms, 365 windows, an enormous ballroom, swimming pool, 12 towers, hundreds of stairs, corridors and other rooms. In 1991, construction was stopped due to formal reasons. It is still unknown if the building will ever be completed. Meanwhile, the castle has become a tourist attraction. However, it should be remembered that it is actually a construction site and it cannot be visited at present. If you enter the area you do it at own risk. The object stands on wet ground and supposedly gradually collapses. Apparently... it is difficult to say whether it is a real threat or another castle legend.