The Regional Centre of Education and Promotion in Szymbark

CEPR is a combination of a museum, open-air museum and amusement park. This unique place is located at the foot of the largest hill in Pomerania - Wieżyca. The offer of the object is addressed in particular to families with children as well as school trips. Visiting this place can be an interesting alternative to the school history lessons. On your own or accompanied by a guide, you have the chance to see objects which are unique in the world such as:

  • The World’s Largest Plank
  • Sybiraks’ House,
  • Bunker of the Secret Military Organisation ‘Pomeranian Griffin’,
  • Kashubian World of Tales,
  • The largest Concerting Piano in the World
  • ‘Upside down house’

The Upside Down House is one of the most characteristic attractions found in CEPR as well as in the entire area of ​​Kashubian Switzerland. It is highly popular among tourists who might experience dizziness as the effect of bony labyrinth temporary disorder.
The facility offer includes also:

  • Ropes Course,
  • XC cinema,
  • Small fishery
  • Brewery Kaszëbskô Kòruna
  • Playground
  • Mini zoo
  • A place for baking sausages
  • Banquet room