Park of Miniatures and Giants in Strysza Buda

Miniature Park is a place where 70 mock-ups in a scale of 1:25 were collected. It  presents copies of the most characteristic objects of Kashubia, Poland and the world. In addition to aesthetic values, the park also plays an educational role.

Visitors can find there, among others such global objects as:

  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Sphinx
  • Big Ben
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Faces of American presidents carved in the rock
  • Christ from Rio

The park might also serve as a guide to Kashubia. You can see among others:

  • Collegiate church in Kartuzy
  • Church in Sianowo
  • Papal Altar in Sierakowice
  • Castle in Bytów
  • Crane in Gdańsk

After paying a visit in the miniature section it is worth seeing Fun House, House of Fears, Fairy Tale Village and Mini zoo.

In the vicinity of the popular Kashubian Miniature Park in Strysza Buda there is the Kashubian Park of the Giants. You can see there:

  • Huge objects
  • Insects XXL size
  • Mega Fish
  • Monster Trucks
  • Real plane almost 40 meters long
  • Children's soft play area Kulkolandia
  • Gigantic birds

Recently was created the third park ‘Kaszubski Gracik’ presenting fairy tale and film vehicles in 1:1 scale.