Manor of the Sikorski and Wybicki Family in Sikorzyno

A historic manor house associated with the family of Józef Wybicki, the author of the words of the Polish national anthem. At present, after careful reconstruction, the manor accommodates a museum: there are original tile stoves, furniture and equipment from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In close vicinity is a small park with a partially preserved historic trees. In the area adjacent to the park the current owner has planted a vegetable labyrinth, as well as opened a tea room. Since 2008, the restored manor with the park and plant labyrinth is made available to visitors.

Every year, starting from 2005, on the last Saturday in May, the final of the mass rally for children and youth ‘Majówka with General Wybicki’ takes place here. The event symbolically connects the manor house in Będomin with the manor in Sikorzyno.