Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Chmielno

The temple dating to 1887 has the most Kashubian décor in the entire region. Its interior is highly unique as ceiling and walls are decorated by beautiful Kashubian patterns - masterpieces of Professor Szczeblewski dating to the early 1950s. Visitors are also attracted by the altars. From the north is the Marian Altar constructed in 1677 in Gdańsk and originally located in the Pelplin cathedral. The black, marble altar of the Heart of Jesus from the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries was bought from the parish in Kartuzy, when the former monastery church was adapted the needs of the parishioners. The so-called Crucifixion group placed in the main altar was also purchased from Kartuzy, however, it initially comes from the St. Catherine church that was pulled down in the 1840s. A special monument is a masterpiece from the 17th century of Our Lady of the Snows, which until now is called Chmieleńska Madonna and is attributed miraculous power. Beautifully carved, baroque feretories which possess oil paintings are visible signs of the times of the original wooden church. An extraordinary monument is also a beautiful baroque silver eternal lamp made in the Gdańsk workshop of Siegfried Örnster offered as a gift from three parishioners. The oldest monument in Chmielno is the Gothic Pieta which since the early 1980s has been kept as a deposit in the Diocesan Museum in Pelplin. Moreover, there is one of the tower bells dating to the 16th century. The organs purchased in 1887 in the Julius Witt’s workshop in Gdańsk also constitute high historical value.