St. Martin’s Church in Sierakowice

It is one of the three wooden temples of the region. Established in 1822, as the last log frame construction temple on Pomerania, founded by the contemporary heirs of the village – Łaszewscy on the site of a former mid-17th century temple. In 1903 a decision concerning enlarging was undertaken. The wooden temple was enlarged, adding a brick nave on the western side and a brick Neo-Gothic style tower. The fast-growing parish in Sierakowice needed a larger church which is why it was decided to move the wooden part of the temple and reconstruct it as a separate building. The remaining brick part was expanded thus creating a new, more spacious building. The renovation works were completed in 2014 and thanks to them, the historic church of St. Marcin can now be admired in its original form.

The pine wood historic temple consists of a nave, a chancel which is narrower, elongated and has semi-hexagonal termination as well as a three-floor bell tower of frame construction crowned with a tall, pyramidal dome. On the north side is a chapel of St. Barbara and a sacristy while on the south an antechapel made of remnants of a dismantled tower. The interior offers 18th century main altar with bas-reliefs. The side altars come from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries while the pulpit depicting the Evangelists dates to the 19th century. In the chapel of St. Barbara is a painting depicting St. Francis adoring the cross. Currently, the Commune Cultural Centre in Sierakowice is in charge of the temple and organises exhibitions, vernissages and concerts.