Around the Raduńskie Circle II

distance (km) altitude m a.s.l.
  • 59.5 km
  • 5h
  • Pomarańczowy
  • average
  • 0 m
  • 258 m

Characteristics of the trail

The bicycle trail ‘Around the Raduńskie Circle II’ is one of the two suggestions of trails leading around the system of lakes connected by the Radunia River into the water system of the Raduńskie Circle. It runs through the central, the most varied part of Kashubian Switzerland and covers the areas with the greatest lake density in the region. It leads along 8 large lakes and through an exceptionally varied area in terms of landscape. The suggested trail passes popular tourist destinations in Kashubia such as Ostrzyce or Chmielno. It is an alternative to ‘Around the Raduńskie Circle I’ - they differ in sections along Raduńskie lakes; trail II runs along the western part of Raduńskie Dolne and Raduńskie Górne Lake in contrast to the trail I running along the eastern shores of those lakes.

General course of the trail (distance in km from the starting point on a cumulative basis)

Kartuzy – Goręczyno (10 km) - Ostrzyce (13,5 km) - Szymbark (20,5 km) - Gołubie (25 km) - Stężyca (30,5 km) - Żuromino (34 km) – Borucino (37 km) – Borzestowska Huta (44,5 km) - Chmielno (50,0 km) – Kartuzy (63,6 km).

The trail forms a loop with the starting and finishing point in Kartuzy (St. Bruno's Square). It is one of the longest in the region (length 63.60 km) and belongs to the medium difficulty trails with several uphill sections between Ostrzyce - Szymbark and Borucino - Borzestowska Huta. The trail runs along roads of various surfaces, mostly in good condition - part of the trail runs along built, paved bicycle routes; in part, it leads along dirt and asphalt roads with low traffic - the structure of the trail surface is as follows (in % of length):

  • bike paths – 20%,
  • field roads – 25%,
  • asphalt roads – 55%.

The trail is not marked. It is highly interesting, has a typical recreational character and is ideally suited for a day-long bicycle trip in the heart of Kashubian Switzerland, combined with visiting numerous attractions in its vicinity. The trail is entirely passable for a bicycle with panniers / bicycle trailer and recommended for families with children.

Trail parameters:

  • marking: lack
  • starting point: Kartuzy
  • finishing point: Kartuzy
  • medium gradient: 2,0%
  • the highest point: 259 m
  • the lowest point: 161 m
  • sections with substantial gradient: 2
  • purpose: for families with children.
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