Horse trail of Daniel Chodowiecki

distance (km) altitude m a.s.l.
  • 76.8 km
  • Czarny

The trail consists of two sections with a total length of 69.2 km:

  • section I (24,1 km): runs from Gdańsk to Otalżyno Lake. This section runs mainly through agricultural areas and smaller villages and is characterised by a significant variety of terrain.

Course of the trail:
Gdańsk Osowa – Barniewice – Nowy Tuchom – Tuchomek – Warzenko – Tokary – Kawle Dolne – Trzy Rzeki – Rąb – Otalżyno

Types of roads:

In the majority beaten forest and field roads.

  • section II (45,1 km): runs from Potęgowo to Bukowina - Wybudowanie. This section runs through both forest and agricultural areas and is characterised by attractive natural values ​​(lakes, protected areas, etc.) in majority it leads through the Kashubian Landscape Park.

Course of the trail:
Potęgowo – Kamienicki Młyn – Kamienica Królewska – Kokwino – Bukowo – Karwacja – Mrozy – Janowo – Tuchlino – Karłowo – Rębienica – Kawle – Gowidlino – Łyśniewo Sierakowickie – Olszewko – Załakowo – Skrzeszewo – Bukowina Wybudowanie

Types of roads:
Forest, field and asphalt roads.

The entire trail is an easy section and is suitable for horse trips even for beginners.


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