Kartuzy - Green Route (around Kartuzy)

distance (km) altitude m a.s.l.
  • 7.7 km
  • 1h 6min
  • Zielony
  • average
  • 197 m
  • 252 m

The trail starts and finishes at the Assessor's Bench in Kartuzy. Its full length leads through the forest on hilly terrain along broad, beaten roads. The vicinity of small mid-forest lakes enhance its picturesque character. Within a short distance is the Castle in Łapalice which can be approached by a road going off the trail to the right (the Castle might be seen on the right side).

The trail is entirely marked in the terrain.

Level of difficulty: medium

Trail length: 8,2 km

Types of roads:  

  • 5 % asphalt roads,
  • 95 % dirt and forest roads.

     Time: about 1,5 hours

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