Pomieczyno - Green route (through Sianowska Huta)

distance (km) altitude m a.s.l.
  • 14.6 km
  • 3h 30min
  • Zielony
  • hard
  • 198 m
  • 227 m

The trail starts and finishes at the Base Camp Hejtus nearby Pomieczyno. It runs through Sianowska Huta with the opportunity of reaching the forester's lodge in Sianowo. Its course leads mainly through field and forest roads, among sparse buildings and traditional farms. It is entirely located on the area of ​​the buffer zone of the Kashubian Landscape Park. There is an option of shortening the trail by approximately 4 km in case of not reaching the forester's lodge.

The trail is not easy and due to its length requires good physical condition. The trail is entirely marked in the terrain.

Level of difficulty: difficult

Trail length: 14,6 km

Types of roads:  

  • 15 % asphalt roads,
  • 85 % forest roads.

Time: 3,5 hours

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